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My bf has a case of nail fungus and has had it for about six months or more he was never sure what it was until we met up. I told him what I thought it might be. We do not have alot of money at the moment because of the Christmas hump. what is the best way to treat it with over the counter meds. now I looked it up at WebMd and it said use tea tree oil. We found a blue goo treatment with the tea tree oil in it and not sure if it is helping at all. Keep in mind that we are just getting started with this treatment. does anyone have any ideas on what would help?

There are different types of nail fungus. Alot of times it can occur when you wear artificial nails, and it gets kinda greenish black, Im guessing this isnt your boyfriend issue, the greenish kind can be easily treated with tea tree and other over the counter products, if yourbf has a weird cloudy yellowish nail then that is a little trickier, send him to the MD, that requires a perscription to get rid of and even with a script it will take a while, the nail also has to grow out as the nail plate has been damaged or discolored.

you can use over the counter Lamisil Topical, but nail fungus can take up to a year to resolve. you have to keep the nail cut back as short as possible at all times, if the nail is lifted thenyou'll notice white custy stuff under, you need to clean that out as good as possible, keep feet dry and change socks twice a day if possible.

I was in Eckerts drug store the other week and back by the pharmacy counter was a display of fugus meds that were once sold only by prescription but now available without having to go to the dr. try one of them. Foot and fingernail fungus is the same I would think. If the nail is loose, trim out as much of it as you can so the cream can work directley on the skin.

well my mom used tea tree oil, and shes been using it for like a week now and her nail is cleared up. try Austrailian Tea Tree Oil. it costs around 15 bucks

Nail fungus? – Yahoo! Answers

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