Nail Fungus – Worried About Your Ugly Nails? Treat Your Nail Fungus Effortlessly

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People commonly recommend tea tree oil and vinegar for treating nail fungus. however, these solutions do not give permanent results unless you use them properly. You may observe temporary improvement in your condition, but the infection does return after a brief interval.

The benefits of tea tree oil as an effective anti-fungal remedy are very well known. the oil is especially popular among those who wish to have a cure that does not have any side effects. They are not comfortable about consuming prescribed medicines that can even cause liver damage.

Tea tree oil extracted from the stems and leaves of the Australian tea trees helps in treating the infection. It has been used as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral remedy for ages, and there is evidence that suggests the oil to possess these properties. It is for this reason that the oil is so effective in treating fungal infection in toe nails. however, medical science is yet to recommend the usage of this oil for treating nail infection as it has not been tested completely.

So how does the oil treat your nail fungus? If the oil is to be prepared to relieve patients suffering from nail infection, it has to be mixed with a number of other essential oils. the carefully blended oil mixture works its way into the nail and destroys the fungi. other substances that supplement the affect of tea tree oil include Vaseline, dimethylsulfoxide, iodine and vicks vaporub. though this treatment is being used by a large number of people suffering from nail infection, there is no scientific research that proves the effectiveness of this method.

Since tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, you get satisfactory results when you apply it directly on the infected area. It is also said to treat other fungal infections such as ring worm and dandruff.

Vinegar is another treatment that is creating a lot of hype these days. Vinegar has acidic properties that prevent the growth of fungi. People believe that the infection is contained by applying vinegar on the infected area everyday. If the procedure is repeated, fungi will be completely eliminated from the nail.

Ordinary vinegar is going to show some effect on the infection, but you’ll have to dip your feet in it for quite a long period of time. Dip your feet in vinegar for at least half an hour everyday. You may also apply vinegar directly on the infected area 2-3 times in a day. another option is to use a bandage soaked in vinegar. some people consume 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to get rid of the fungus. If you want to practice this remedy, it is important that you rinse your mouth well after use.

There are a number of other over-the-counter products that are offered for treating nail fungus. with a little research, you will certainly be able to find an effective product that will help you in getting rid of the condition effortlessly.

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Nail Fungus – Worried About Your Ugly Nails? Treat Your Nail Fungus Effortlessly

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