Nail fungus. What's the best remedy for it?

1303262656 12 Nail fungus.  What's the best remedy for it?

I've had this one toe nail fungus for over 8 years and nothing can get rid of it. I've tried a few things and nothing works. Can you help please?

Listerine and hot water soaks every night. Dry feet and rub Vick's vapor rub on toes and feet. Wear anklet socs to bed to keep sheets clean. It takes a while, sometimes over 4 months (depending on the depth of the infection), but it works.

Those who have stuck with it have cleared up long term fungus on toes and fingers.

The scripts on the market do not completely kill the fungus and you can't take it long term as it can destroy the liver.

There is a medication, I think it is Lamisil. There is a topical version and a pill form. The pill form is very expensive and you have to take it for months and it is very hard on your liver.

Information about Lamisil:…

Go see a dermatologist. you will need to take an oral treatment as well as a topical one. It usually happens from Athletes Foot that was never treated.

Nail fungus. What's the best remedy for it?

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