Nail Fungus treatment please Help Me!!!?

1303541299 50 Nail Fungus treatment please Help Me!!!?

I’m female 24 years old, since I was 17, I have my bails sick I have nail fungus is when your nails thickened or discolored and some of it fell off. I know is terrible, I hate it just the nails on my feet. I have try everything in the over the counter, some people told me about a pill, but I don’t have any Insurance and I can’t afford that treatment. Do you now of any treatment that it works. I’m a clean person and I wash my feet two times a day, but that’s not enough. is really embarrassing please help me.

Tea tree oil is very good for this and natural. Only don't use it if you are pregnant. Otherwise get a bowl of nice hot water and put a few drops of oil in and soak your feet every day then you will see an improvement .

A low cost vinegar nail fungus home remedy has worked for many people, you can try this:

Simply place 2 drops of distilled white vinegar (available at any grocery store) at the growing base of the effected nail twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. the vinegar can be applied with a dropper bottle or if you prefer, you can soak a cotton Q-tip and apply the vinegar that way.

Next, this procedure will have to be continued untill the infected nail is grown right off the body. that could take 6 months or longer for an infected toenail.
It is important that not a single application is missed because if you do, any new nail that is grown that day will be susceptible to fungal reinfection.

After following this vinegar nail fungus treatement for about two months you should see normal nail growing at the base of the nail. But remember you must continue the treatment until the infected nail grows right off he body.

Nail Fungus treatment please Help Me!!!?

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