Nail Fungus Treatment: Get Rid of Nail Fungus For Good

Tinea unguium or Onychomychosis, or in layman’s terms, nail fungus affects almost 15 percent of the American population. That is over 40 million people in the United States that have some degree of nail fungus; and some degree of embarrassment when it comes to going barefoot or wearing sandals. You don’t have to be one of the statistics, though. if you are tired of nail fungus causing stress and embarrassment in your life, then let us take a closer look at what nail fungus is and what it does to your nails (both toenails and fingernails) and how you can go about getting rid of it for good.

Nail Fungus: Most Don’t Understand It.

Most people with nail fungus don’t even know they have it. Therefore, it goes untreated. This is according to the Department of Health and Human Services. so, why do so many people leave it untreated? The majority mistake it for a different problem or condition such as a bacterial infection, poor nutrition or even psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is chronic. It mostly affects the skin and sometimes nails. Psoriasis has some similar symptoms to nail fungus such as pitting or even crumbling of the nails.

So what is nail fungus?

Nail fungus, which is the most common nail disease, occurs when tiny organisms, Tinea Unguium, invade a healthy nail and start to feed off the nail and surrounding skin. unfortunately for us, the nails provide a superb environment for fungus; often dark, safe and damp. The safe comes into play based on the nail itself which generally acts like a shield to keep infections out. Well, when nail fungus is successful at penetrating the nail, the nail again acts like a shield as it protects the fungus from the outside world. Therefore, finding a way to treat nail fungus can be quite harrowing.

Nail Fungus: The Effects

The major symptoms of nail fungus include:

1. Thickening of the nails 2. Discoloration of the nail (giving a cloudy or yellow appearance) 3. Roughening or crumbling of the nails 4. Grooves or plates forming in the nails 5. Bleeding and or detachment of the cuticles (flesh/skin around the nails) 6. Itchiness 7. Pain when the disease becomes severe

Nail Fungus: The Treatment

Nail fungus, like most problems, is best treated with prevention. Here, though, we’ll presume that it is too late and you have a full-fledged outbreak of nail fungus and you want it gone for good. some treatments call for soaking nails in salt water and cutting the nails off. There are a number of topical creams out there as well. There are also some potent medications that can be taken orally. probably the best treatment for nail fungus that I’ve come across is Zetaclear.

Zetaclear is a two-step product that is safe and made up of natural ingredients to help blast away nail fungus for good. The first step works to promote healthy nails with the use of a topical cream. The cream has several moisturizing and healing ingredients like tea tree oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, almond oil and lemongrass oil. The second part of Zetaclear uses a medicated spray that is a powerful yet safe homeopathic. It penetrates the nail and into the bloodstream to kill off the nail fungus. Zetaclear is affordable at less than $40 and it is backed by a full money-back guarantee.

If you currently suffer from hideous nail fungus, either in your fingernails or toenails, you no longer have to. You now understand what it is, what symptoms it causes and how you can get rid of it for good with Zetaclear. so get rid of your nail fungus now and get back to having healthy, great looking nails that you can be proud to show off.

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Nail Fungus Treatment: Get Rid of Nail Fungus For Good

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