Nail Fungus – Treating Nail Fungus – Vicks Solution

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Nail fungus is an ill health condition that arises out of several factors. This may be because of poor hygiene such as sharing of socks and shoes with someone who has toenail fungus; not drying your feet properly after washing feet or walking in wet surfaces with exposed feet; weakening of the nail plate by use of nail polish and nail polish removers or glue; or having a systemic diseases that weakens the immunity thus making it easy for the fungus to colonize.

Just like there are many causes of nail fungus infection, so there are many solutions that have been proposed. the proposed remedies include conventional medicine such as using Terbinafine or the herbal remedies such as Horsetail. Others recommend use of home remedies such as Vicks vapo rub, vinegar among many.

It is a fact that in health care, there are many interesting suggestions that you will come across when trying to correct a health problem. you must have experienced this when treating flu. you will be advised to use hot lemon water, raw eggs, honey, antihistamines, and many others. not that they may not work, but such solutions may not just be a solution after all. you need to assess every proposed remedy and understand the science behind its suggested action to be sure that you are dealing with effective solutions.

How does Vicks vapo rub work in treatment of nail fungus? This is a question that may not be answered adequately by most users of the vicks vapo rub. These are of course those who have used the treatment for many years and seen it work. it works through the active ingredient called Thymol. This is a molecule that affects the cell membrane of the bacteria or fungi and make it difficult for them to develop the roots that are required for them to develop a colony.

Vicks vapo rub is one of the most popular home remedies. you need not go to a physician or pharmacists to get information on the use of this home solution. Just read a little more about it from the internet and also from the posting of the information sheet in the package.

To use Vicks in treating the fungus if the toe, you need to first of all clean the feet with soap and let them dry. you must keep the conditions pure and free of potential infection agents. the next step is to warm some water and place in a basin in case of treating toe nails or jar of water when treating fingernails. it works as fast as within an overnight of soaking the feet in the water.

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Nail Fungus – Treating Nail Fungus – Vicks Solution

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