Nail Fungus question?

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Did any of you mothers develop some type of nail fungus after you had your baby? i got mine on my thumb, doesnt hurt or anything. I saw my dr already and he prescribed me lamisil and an ointment for the skin on my thumb. I was wondering how common this is…thanks.

not me, never heard of it. i'd be interested to know if anyone else has. i know yeast can over grow in some pregnant women, fungus is fungus, i guess it's possible.
gosh i hope the stuff works to get rid of it for you.

have you been going to a nail shop? I hear those places or fungus breeders. if you do you must bring your own utensils or make sure they really sterilize things. I had this issue and it was because i had gone to a terrible nail salon.

i am a nail tech ans and all my years of doing nails (17 yrs) i have never heard of pregnancy causing nail fungus. be careful taking oral medications for this, they have many side affects. keep your nail cut short and clean. i have had many older clientd with fungus on toe nails ans they have put vicks vapor rub on the nail everyday and after a while it started to go any.

It's unrelated to pregnancy.
Now do you suck your thumb? Ask as often excessive moisture and humidity create an environment prospicious for fungal infections.

Nail Fungus question?

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