Nail fungus on my toe!?

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I went to a salon and got a pedicure for the first time ever – I did not know that they were supposed to use individual "tools" for each client, they just dipped them into a solution and reuse them. I really learned my lesson here.

When I took the polish off there was a white spot on my nail, I thought it was nothing so I just tried to buff it out with a file then re-painted them. another week went by and the spot was bigger when I redid them. I never went back to the salon, the pedicure freaked me out.

Now it's been like 6 months and the white spot turned all dry (likely from me filing on it) and on the other foot it's turned all thick and yellow. It kinda got a dark spot up near the cuticle as well.

Last night I decided to examine it really closely when I trimmed them, well, the nail is separated from the nail bed. Everywhere where it's yellow the nail is not connected to the nail bed. Nearly all the way up to the cuticle. I'd say that it's 2/3 of the nail is that way.

I got a little scraper out, dipped it in alcohol to run underneath it, there is no pain whatsoever where it's separated and lifted up. the dark spot near the cuticle under the nail was dead skin or something, it's mostly gone after I fished all the **** out. Everything that I fished out smelled less than pleasant as well – there was a lot of it too. (ok, that was gross and I'm sure TMI, sorry)

I've put tea tree oil on all of my nails because they all were dry looking, there is clean, pretty nail growing out from the cuticle now on all of them except my big toes that look like this. I wear sandals all the time and this looks nasty. I only have like 2 pair of closed toe shoes!

Is there anything that I can do about it? Can I paint over it while it's growing out or something? This looks seriously gross and I keep hiding my feet!

You really should see a doctor for it.

I had the exact same situation. you should check out this website:

It was very informative and helpful to me and now I'm happy to say I got rid of my nail fungus. let me know what you think.

Nail fungus on my toe!?

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