Nail Fungus Laser Treatment – The Best Toenail Fungus Cure?

 Nail Fungus Laser Treatment   The Best Toenail Fungus Cure?

A recent development in nail fungus treatments is with the use of lasers. Incredibly enough, the lasers are supposed to kill off the fungus on the nails but leave the actual nail undamaged. this type of treatment has been getting plenty of attention with the big guys. just like laser eye surgery is massively popular these days, so will be fungus laser treatment.

Studies are still ongoing, but results do look promising. According to clinical studies, most participants experienced positive results with just one laser application. Laser treatment is pretty quick, lasting only 5-10 minutes per area. With a treatment that contains no medication, thus no side effects or allergy problems, it has become a very popular alternative for many.

Unfortunately most insurance companies will not cover the costs of nail fungus laser treatment, since it is considered an aesthetic treatment. Therefore those interested must cough up the three hundred to five hundred dollars.

Companies are taking notice of this new treatment. for example, Nomir Medical Technologies is one such company. they are creating a laser named Noveon, which will help with a number of things including nail fungus. what happens is two wavelengths of infrared light are beamed at the toenails and aim at killing the fungus.

Podiatrists in over 20 states are already using a new device called the PinPointe Footlaser. this was developed by a company named PathoLase. although not approved yet through the Food and Drug Administration, almost seventy podiatrists are offering it up to their patients. It’s a bit pricier though (depending where you go), prices for PinPointe can rise up towards twelve hundred dollars or more.

Nail infections for most people can be considered just a cosmetic issue. but for some, toenail fungus can end up causing serious health issues. this is especially true for those with weak immune systems and diabetes. Don’t let your nail fungus go untreated, educate yourself on your options and consult with your doctor as well.

Nail Fungus Laser Treatment – The Best Toenail Fungus Cure?

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