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Are you suffering from nail fungus and looking for a nail fungus home remedy? did you know that you could be without even realizing it?  Symptoms of nail fungus can be obvious, but only if you know to look for them.  The affected nail will begin to change color and become yellow or brown.  The nail will also become thick and overgrown.  You may notice that it becomes painful to wear shoes if the nail becomes too thick or overgrown.  You may also notice foul-smelling debris that accumulates underneath the nail.  The nail can also begin to crumble or fall off.

So now that you know what to look for, what is the best treatment for nail fungus?  There are honestly a ton of sites dedicated to curing nail fungus.  Some of them have good content that can truly help you as you search for a nail fungus home remedy.  However, there are others that are clearly misleading.  So what makes this site different?  We are honestly interested in providing a balanced look at all of the different nail fungus treatments so that you can decide for yourself.

Today we are going to delve more into the nail fungus home remedy area vs. the medical side of nail fungus treatments.  One of the best ways to fight nail fungus naturally is to work from the inside out. you can start with a nail fungus home remedy that can also cure many other ailments: Diet. Something that most people suffering from nail fungus do not realize is that they are actually “feeding” the fungal infection each time they consume food.  But wait, how is that?  Every organism has a certain type of food that provides optimal energy for it.  When dealing with fungus those foods are refined carbs such as sugar and white flour as well as dairy products.

Another way to use diet as a nail fungus home remedy is to work to balance your body’s pH level to become less acidic.  Fungus (and other infections) have difficulty living in an alkaline environment. in order to become less acidic it is important to eat a balanced diet in terms of acidity levels.  Experts suggest eating at least 80% of alkalizing foods like green vegetables, greens, seeds, and some fruits such as avocados, lemons or limes. They also suggest you eat no more than 20% of neutral or acidifying foods.  Some examples of acid forming foods are dairy products, chocolate, bread, meat, alcohol, sodas, coffee, and tea.

Finally, you can use diet as a nail fungus home remedy by taking in items such as probiotics and olive leaf extract.  While probiotics work to promote good bacteria in the body, they can also help to make the body fight fungal infections.  This is because infections such as fungus, bacteria, and candida all live under similar conditions.  So treating one can sometimes help the other.  Olive leaf extract can work to specifically treat fungal infections and can be found in pill, table, or capsule form.

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Nail Fungus Home Remedy

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