Nail fungus home remedies

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DEAR DR. GOTT: How do I get rid of nail fungus? Is there a home remedy? I have had it on my big toenail for years, following a pedicure, and it’s now on two of my fingernails.

DEAR READER: Home remedies include soaking the toes or fingers in warm water to make the nails softer and easier to cut. Trim the nails, and remove as much of the debris as possible. Apply a petrolatum/menthol salve around the top and under the tip of the nail twice daily. the process may take a month or more but is worth a try.

Apply decolorized iodine to affected dry nails twice daily. Again, this will take some time but offers another option.Oregano oil applied to affected clean, dry nails once or twice daily with a cotton swab has been purported to work.

Consider purchasing over-the-counter Miranel, an antifungal remedy that permeates nails and promotes faster eradication of the fungus.

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Nail fungus home remedies

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