Nail Fungus – Home Remedies to Treat the Fungus

 Nail Fungus   Home Remedies to Treat the Fungus

Besides medications you can try the following nail fungus home remedies to treat the fungus.

* Vinegar – Soak your toe or finger with nail fungus in a mixture of one part of vinegar and 2 parts of warm water for 15-20 minutes. some studies suggest that vinegar can inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms. this is a very effective provided you rinse well and pat your feet or finger dry after you are done.

* Vicks – Vicks VapoRub when applied on the nail with fungus is considered one of the best remedies.

Don’t apply it deep under the nail where it can create a moist environment, a superficial application will also work.

* Keep dry – one of the most effective nail fungus natural remedy is to keep the fingers and toes with fungus free from any moisture. Prefer wearing clean cotton socks instead of a synthetic fabric which traps the moisture. a medicated anti fungal powder can be sprinkled in your socks if you feel they remain moist.

If you sweat a lot then make a habit to take out your shoes during the day occasionally. Prefer wearing open toed shoes or alternate close toed shoes with open toed shoes to ensure that they dry completely. Avoid going barefoot at public places like swimming pools, locker rooms or showers as nail fungus can spread; also make a point to wash your hands after you touch the infected nail for the same reason.

* Nail hygiene – Keep your nails short, cut them straight, but remember not to snip the surrounding skin too deep as it can give an easy access to germs to your nails and skin.

This is the easiest nail fungus home remedy to follow. Although it might be very tempting to cover the yellow fungus under nice red nail paint don’t do it, as this can trap unwanted moisture and may worsen the infection. Avoid using artificial nails or nail polish altogether and choose a reputed salon if you wish to do manicure or pedicure (bring in your own instruments or make sure they use a sterilized ones).

Nail Fungus – Home Remedies to Treat the Fungus

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