Nail fungus help…………?

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I would appreciate any advice……..have the early signs of a toe nail fungus infection starting on my left toe in the upper left side corner. Can someone please advice me on what actually helped them. I heard so many remedies of hydrogen peroxide, vicks, vinegar, epsom salt that I am confused. Also pls explain how to use the recommended product, times to be applied per day etc, and how to tell if it is improving.

You best bet, call your DR and tell them you have a nail fungus. the script they right will get rid of it quick. They have improved them, it doesn't take MONTHS, but I do believe the course is 6 weeks.

Visit to a Dermatologist is the best way. Why to give way to other enter the body.

The Original Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid by NutriBiotic. if you can't find it at a local health food store, then try the internet. the products comes with complete instructions (soak or saturate nails in a solution of it w/water 2x daily until the fungus is gone.) It's a natural anti-fungal & works really, really, well & has many other uses.

see a doctor. there are pills to take, but they take months to help and they need to be monitored because they, like a lot of pills, have the potential to affect the liver. this is the best way to get rid of it completely and not just mask symptoms. good luck.

I have used food grade iodine on my nails to get rid of nail fungus. It took about three months of painting them twice a day in the morning and in the evening. It worked. you can get edible iodine from health food stores.

Use vinegar. I put vinegar in a spray bottle and sprayed my toe at least twice a day. I was determined to be able to wear sandals again. It began getting better right away.

Tea tree oil twice a day works great every time

Try colloidal silver. you can make it yourself or buy it. For additional info, search the web. you can try the following urls:

Nail fungus help…………?

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