Nail fungus…..?

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Are there any home remedies for nail fungus or are there any good OTC products i can use…

is it finger nail or toe nails?

what i do….is…i put a little bit of baby oil on a cotton ball..and massage it into my toe nails and feet (callasus) before bed…then i put a pair of socks on….when I wake up…i rinse off and put lotion on them…and this makes my nail soften up..and fungus disappears….

there is also stuff out there for the cvs ..over the counter remedies

you might also want to it….nail fungus home remedies

I used to wear fake nail tips and the worst infection I ever got was the one time I had my nails done at a salon! nothing OTC helped at all. Finally, I put a few ounces of bleach in a jar and dipped my nails 3 times a day. the green color faded and the nails grew out clean.

Good luck and take care!

Nail fungus…..?

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