My toe nail fell off!!!!!!?

1305356801 39 My toe nail fell off!!!!!!?

a couple months ago i noticed that my big toe nail was discolored… and i kinda started to lift up. well last night i tripped on the stair case and the nail just came off.. it didnt hurt at all. i thought i had a nail fungus and i tried over the counter medication but i didnt seem to work….. will it growback and if it does will it grow back normal?

mine didnt grow back normal. I finally had to go to a doctor and have it surgically removed. they also cut out where the nail grows from so it will never grow again

It actually works to cure nail fungus!
It sounds like your problem is different than mine, but this information might help you, so I'll send it just in case. definitely see a doctor since it doesn't hurt and happened so suddenly. if you don't check your nails regularly, maybe the problem was there long before you noticed it? Here is my story:
I injured a toe nail (bent it back over the toe, ripping the majority of it off it's bed) and then after several months developed a white fungus which later spread to near by nails. You can easily search interesting and helpful information on the web such as: the fungus grows very well in the high moisture, enclosed space of shoes, so I won't go over all that, but rather, just tell you that I soaked my toes in Listerine on a regular basis and periodically trimmed the nails back immediately following a soaking and eradicated the fungus from two nails. the original toe had more fungus and is taking longer to cure. Initially when I began soaking last spring, I soaked the whole foot for too long which caused a weird, but brief tingling sensation, and the skin on the bottom of my foot started a slight crack. I protected the crack with Vaseline which quickly healed and began tipping the tub in order to only soak the toes and once weekly seems to do the trick! (20-40 minutes) It was nearly gone in four months, but then I didn't soak it for several weeks and progress halted, but I believe it will be totally gone soon. Store brand mouthwash with the same Listerine ingredients worked too! Also, You probably already know you can transfer the fungus from your toe nails to your finger nails by using the same clippers for both. Obviously, don't do that. own and keep the clippers separate. Smaller for finger nails, larger for toe nails and get to solving the problem quickly. Also, because my child forgets to not use my clippers, I sterilize them by setting them on the coffee pot burner for 10-15 minutes, but plastic on the handles melts, so use stainless steel clippers and keep them dry and clean. Wishing you the best!

Don't geek out. It will take a while, but you will be completely normal. still, it might be a good idea to consult a dermatologist, just to make sure that your fungus is no longer amongus.

I have no idea but i would call ur doctor or make appt. good luck

At different times I lost both my big toe nails from wearing tennis shoes that were too small. Both nails grew back normally. At least you won't have to take care of it for a while and you will save on nail polish.

My toe nail fell off!!!!!!?

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