My fingernail came off with nail fungus?

1311440806 88 My fingernail came off with nail fungus?

I smashed my hand in the door and most of my thumbnail came off. how do i treat it???
And I have fingernail fungus (not very bad fungus though) if that changes anything. is there a way to get rid of it without the nail on??? I don't know what to do..

One of the easiest and most surprising cures for nail fungus is antifreeze. Get the older variety, ethylene glycol (not the newer propylene glycol stuff) and wet the fingernail area where the fungus is once a day. Ethylene glycol kills fungus on contact, also bacteria, mold and wood rot. The fungus will die and as your nail grows out it will push the stuff out with it.

Ouch …

First your nail will begin to grow again soon back from the cuticle. just keep it clean. I too had nail fungus and my nail completely came off, well it fell off. I do suggest that you keep your nail moist as before I started my treatment my nail bed dried up so much that it shrivelled, cracked, and bled all the time when I knocked it. I was forced to find a cure and fast as my pillow was ending up with blood spots on it all the time. Drove the wife mad!

If you watch the video in the link in the source below you will see my fingernail completely missing, and how I successfully cured my fungus and got the new nail to grow back even healthier than before.

No gimmicks, check it out … this is what I did.

All the best for your cure.

My fingernail came off with nail fungus?

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