Local Business Offers Plastic Surgery Alternative

 Local Business Offers Plastic Surgery Alternative

If you are one of the many who struggle with ways to permanently take care of unwanted hair, wrinkles, unsightly veins, brown spots or a no-longer-loved tattoo, The LaseAway Skin & Laser Center located at first and Main Marketplace, aims to help rid you of these problems without going under the knife.

The center first opened in North Andover in 2001 and is run by office manager, Cathleen Bourouphael, registered nurse and laser specialist. The office is also home to aesthetician/electrologist Ghada Rizkallah and licensed aesthetician June Braunlich. The keys to their business, they say, is honesty.

“I am very honest when I sell a service,” said Bourouphael. “If I don’t think that it is going to work for you than I don’t want to sell it you.”

Bourouphael likens the commitment to non-invasive laser treatment to “exercising your face.” If you keep up with it, it will help ward off the signs of aging by building collagen and renewing cells more frequently, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as age spots.

“We want to help people enhance their natural beauty,” said Bourouphael. “We want them to be able to do some of these minor procedures now that deter the effects of aging so that they won’t need the more advanced, more complicated procedures.”

The key to determining a client’s satisfaction is to first assess their ultimate goals and ensure that the services available can, in fact, meet the client’s expectations.

“I give realistic expectations as to what my laser procedures will do to get the desired outcome.” said Bourouphael.

In many instances treatment is re-evaluated on a case-by-case basis. While a certain service may be best initially, Bourouphael may suggest another option as changes in the skin appear. with regard to laser hair removal, some providers will treat every four weeks regardless of hair growth. However, each person’s rate of hair growth varies significantly; therefore at LaseAway treatment only occurs when the staff determines the time is right for that particular person.

LaseAway’s truthful approach is a comfort for those considering these types of procedures for the first time and concerned whether the investment and desired result will be worth it for them in the end.

The beauty of laser procedures is that the improvements and changes in skin are noticeable yet subtle. those that know you well might remark at how healthy and bright your skin appears versus the dramatic response one might get having had a facelift.

“Nature is going to happen, we are going to age,” said Bourouphael.”But we can look our ultimate best for as long as we can by doing these lesser, non-invasive procedures.”

The options at LaseAway vary so that individuals who may be apprehensive or concerned with cost may start out slowly and with less expensive treatments. Standard facials start out at $80 and more advanced treatments, like the laser facial series, cost up to $1,200 for a 4-5 treatment package. In between you will find two levels of microdermabrasion and an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) option which is geared at helping with brown and red pigment discolorations. whatever intensity you seek, the staff at LaseAway promise their customers an honest assessment of what is needed and what to expect.

Other procedures offered at LaseAway, not previously mentioned, include electrology, waxing, nail fungus and acne treatment.

Visit www.laseawaycenters.com for more information or call for an appointment at 978-975-8770 or 877-LASEALL. The LaseAway Skin & Laser Center is located at 109-123 Main St.

Local Business Offers Plastic Surgery Alternative

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