Laser Nail Fungus Treatment – 4 Facts

Nowadays, there is virtually no impossible with science and technology. thanks to many discoveries and innovations that made a way for the development of laser rays for medical use. Laser rays have been commonly used for the eye surgery and many other skin diseases, and one of them is for the treatment of nail fungus. Many specialists believe that this process will be the most effective and fastest way to entirely heal the toenail fungus infection.

Nail fungus is a very tough skin disease. If happen that you caught this infection, you will first notice an irritation and a burning sensation that is followed by the discoloration of your nails and becomes brittle after some time. It also produces a fowl smell due to the bacteria and microorganisms that is associated with the fungus. The fungus is very difficult to treat due to the roots that is deeply set within. perhaps after making a relief from the nail fungus, don’t expect that it will never come back, and that is the laser treatment which is designed to completely kill the roots of fungus and permanently cure the fungal infection.

But how is it guaranteed? does it really work? is it safe?

The procedure will expose the infected area to the lasers which induce disintegration of the fungus through vaporization. two laser beams with different wavelengths will be concentrated to the afflicted nails in which the procedure takes up to 15 minutes per nail, but it always depend of the level of condition. The laser will destroy the fungi without damaging the area of the skin or inflict a pain while doing the process. a complete good result will only take 2 to 3 sessions.

Initially, the laser treatment is priced to at least $600 to $1200 per session, while incurring visits costs at least half a grand. The treatment has no age restrictions as long as you can afford the expenses.

Unfortunately, toenail fungus laser treatment is not covered by your health insurance. It is a cosmetic procedure which is not stated to most health insurance policies. however, it doesn’t have any bad side effects like most cosmetic drugs that you can purchase on the market.

The treatment of nail fungus through laser process has been reported to have at least 80-90% success rate. as the procedure completely destroys the roots of infection, thus it is much likely that the healing condition will be permanent.

However, you should first pay a visit to your physician before deciding to consider a laser treatment on nail fungus.

 Laser Nail Fungus Treatment – 4 Facts

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment – 4 Facts

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