Is there non prescription treatment for toe nail fungus?

1307840689 93 Is there non prescription treatment for toe nail fungus?

a small amount of Tea Tree Oil rubbed into nail 2-3 times daily

I tried Tea Tree Oil, did not work

Yes, an axe. available at fine hardware stores everywhere.

If your nail is just thickened, then try filing it down to a thinner nail and scrub it with soap and water and a brush; it will probably not cure it all the way, but it will help quite a bit.

Yes there are OTC remedies but they take quite a while of religious use! soak the toes in white vinegar and warm water twice a day and scrub with a soft brush under the toe nails,They should clear up in a few weeks,and be sure to wash the brush and spritz with bleach after each use!

No. there are some things you can try to do if it's not gotten too bad yet. If you have all your toe nails with fungus, just try to get a prescription for Lamisil (the cream is not going to help the nail, you need to get the tablets). nothing else is going to work (even with a prescription medication you have to wait until all your nail grows back again).
If you only have one nail, you can try the white vinegar wash, but make sure to do it twice a day, EVERYDAY, until it goes completely away. You can also try Gentian Violet. The big recommendation is keeping your feet and nails dry throughout the process.

I too suffer from this, there is non prescription treatment, but it does not work. see your doctor, I know it takes time to clear but it is the best way. As for MEDMAN's answer, well the village he comes from is minus an idiot!

Toe nail fungus is medically tinea is one fungal infection which requires prolonged treatment with GRISEOFULVIN, antifungal antibiotic ,for about 6-8 weeks.I advice u not go for desi medicines.

Get some CLOBET cream from your pharmacy. I use it and have had good success with it. Rub it in good sparingly three times a day. it will take a while. When you think it is gone then keep using the cream for another five days. it may come Beck so keep the cream around and even after bath put some on as it will not harm you in any way.

Is there non prescription treatment for toe nail fungus?

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