Is there a natural cure for nail fungus?

 Is there a natural cure for nail fungus?

rub tea tree oil on toes
Soaking feet in blended fresh garlic cloves and hot water
soaking feet in water with some drops of tea tree oil
soaking feet in water & natural apple cider vinegar
garlic & acv can be taken internally too. anit-fungals

keep feet, soaks & shoes dry & clean
put baking soda in shoes
keep nails short, trimmed & clean
use olive oil, vasoline or coconut oil etc to moisturize feet & toes

lay off of high carb/starch/suguary/dairy/greasy foods
eat alot of fresh veggies
drink plenty of water
get a good multi-vitamin/ pref with b-comlex for hair, skin & nails

A podiatrist (foot dr) confirmed with me that vicks vaporub rubbed on toenail fungus can really help but can take several months before the healthy nail grows out.

Very important though, that you get a diagnosis from a podiatrist or if hands, perhaps dermatologist, of actual nail fungus because I actually didn't actually have toenail fungus but the scrapiness was from the different medications that I take. The dr. took small nail clippings (from the white tips of nails) that I took over to the medical lab and a few weeks later, received a negative result. He then told me to take biotin to help the nails.

P.S. The dr did say that I shouldn't use tea tree oil for the nails as no one really knows how much of it is safe to use and really what is in the tea tree oil base.


There are several topical essential oils that have anti-fungal properties chief among them is Tea Tree Oil. do not buy just any tea tree oil. many cheaper brands cut the oil with sweet almond oil or grape seed oil. this reduces the effectiveness of the tea tree oil. look for these brands: Kal, Country Life or Tea Tree Plantation. all of these are 100% tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil should cost around $10 per one-half ounce. you will need to use the oil twice per day. use it in the mornings and again in the evenings. It has a unique smell, but it goes away quickly. It may take 3- 6 months for the tea tree oil to kill all of the fungus. Take your time. if you can find Neem oil, it is also a great antiseptic. you can mix it with the tea tree oil.

You did not say how long you have had the fungal infection. if it has been more than a few months you may want to take the herb Pau d' Arco internally to kill the fungus while doing the tea tree oil topically. Pau d'Arco does not cause liver damage like lamasil may do.

Is there a natural cure for nail fungus?

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