Is it true that you can use tea tree oil to cure nail fungus?

1309777489 90 Is it true that you can use tea tree oil to cure nail fungus?

If so, how do you use it to treat it?

In a word yes, There are many natural remedies for toe nail fungus, and many more home or folk remedies that aren't quite so natural… but they solve the nail fungus problems too.

Most natural remedies used for toe nail fungus work well because they have antibiotic, antiseptic, and antifungal properties as part of their makeup. here are the most popular natural remedies for toe nail fungus:

1. Tea Tree Oil. this is a natural antiseptic and antifungal oil that comes from a plant in Australia. It can be purchased in any health store, as well as some large chain pharmacies. Just put a drop or two on the affected toe nail once or twice each day, then cover it with something such as a cotton sock.

yep, and also use some Oil of Oregano
also use some Olive leaf Extract

apply the oil itself to the nail fungus.

take internally the oil of organo and olive leaf, let those things work internally against the fungus. Don't take the tea tree oil internally

Yes and it's very strong and smells strong too. It's been effective on ring worm and other skin problems,but since it's so strong if you ever use it on softer areas of skin I dilute it with extra virgin olive oil. I splash tea tree oil in after olive oil as tea tree in small amounts will be effective without being too strong. However, I more of it use for toe nails.

Myrrh oil is ant-fungal too and it smells a lot better as it's even used in fragrances. I used this last week with olive oil for athletes feet after a 30 mile bike ride and it got rid of it in about 2 hours.

Weird as it may sound, soaking your nails in listerine really works on nail fungus. My mom does this.

Tea tree oil is a great remedy as long as it is therapeutic grade essential oil. Therapeutic grade is only available by mail order. You won't see the same results if you use the kind you find at your local health food store. The kind you find at the store is food or cosmetic grade, and the therapeutic kind is suitable for medicinal purposes. Lavender and Frankensence also work well for nail fungus. Consuming garlic will help to fend off fungus as well. The odorless tablets are nice so you don't smell like garlic all the time.

You can use either Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) or Tea Tree Oil. They have the same effect.

For nail fungus you need to do the following:

– file the affected nail(s) as close as possible to the skin without discomfort, to remove as much as possible of the fungus. Do this over a newspaper and throw away in the trash afterwards. if using a metal nail file, disinfect it afterwards. Important, otherwise you'll contaminate other nails.if using a cardboard nail file, throw away after use.

– Put undiluted Tea Tree Oil or GSE on the nail morning and evening.

– Repeat the nail filing every 3 or 4 days and later every 3 to 4 weeks.

– Important! Continue this treatment morning and evening for 4 or 5 months to avoid relapses.

All the best!
Lisa J

Is it true that you can use tea tree oil to cure nail fungus?

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