I want to use this treatment for toe nail fungus whats your view???

1303309454 21 I want to use this treatment for toe nail fungus whats your view???

1. Morning i want to wash feets in apple cider vinegar and after washing tea tree oil massage on toes and fingers.

2. Day same procedure to repeat again.

3. Night washing with vinegar and while sleeping vicks vaporub on toe instead of tea tree oil (or i should use both together????)

4. Wearing cotton socks day and night

please reply in sequence if u agree with this i m really thankful to you.

Bad idea, use the medicine designed for such infections. a fungan infection is nothing to screw with and you should get prompt and proper treatment

Clean your feet with hot water at night take a lemon and make a hole with knife and fit it your toes and fingers,do two days fungus will disappeaer

just use Listerine and dry your feet well at all times..

why dont you just use foot cream??
its cheaper.come on!!! save some $money$!!

one home remedy is Listerine mouth wash the orange bottle dilute it just a little bit with warm water soak your feet in it for about 15mins it works i have been using it on my cat

You will be wasting your time. You need to see a podiatrist and be put on a systemic medication. Topical, over-the-counter medications and home-remedies are generally ineffective. I know from personal experience.
Fungal infections are caused by microscopic organisms called Dermatophytes. Dermatophytes grow in the nail bed, beneath the nail and live off keratin, the protein in the nail. The condition usually begins towards the far end of the nail and may start with patches of white or yellow discoloration. if the condition is left untreated, it will proceed to the base of the nail. it will attack the nail root (matrix) and cause the nail to grow very thick and deformed. The big toe is usually the first nail to be affected with the condition spreading to adjacent nails. in rare cases this condition can also affect the skin surrounding the nails.

The quickest and most sure-fire way to treat toe nail fungus is through prescription. Lamisil has been proven to work very well and comes in both a pill and cream form. Talk to your doctor/a dermatologist.

feet need to breathe toss socks whenever possible,feet still sweat in cotton socks.maybe not as much,but still do.where open toed sandals 1 tea spoon of Clorox per/gallon of water.kills germs,vapor rub is a paste that can pick up and harbor germs.viccareal,is this what was prescribed by your dr.?as a diabetic,chronic foot,nail,abcess,nail removal.amputation ive seen it all!dr scholes has foot fungas spray with a powder based,dry to the touch spray.creams,savs,home remedys cause slipping in shoe.can cause blisters.

I want to use this treatment for toe nail fungus whats your view???

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