I want to get rid of my toe nail fungus!?

 I want to get rid of my toe nail fungus!?

okay so heres the deal im only 14 and ive had it since i could remember
i hate it its yelllow and nasty and im afraid to show my friends
so i had previously gone to get it checked and they clipped my toe-nail
off and it hurt!!!!
but yet again it came back even with the treatment (sigh)
so now ive ignored it……………
but lately whenever i lay down my toenail hurts like crazy!!
i dnt see the problem my toe seems fine except for the fungus
does anybody know the reason for this did something develop?
and beside that i want to get it removed again but this time ive been looking into laser nail fungus removal
yet im not sure but i do not want to go through the pain
of the doctor removing it again!
does anybody know any medication that
is really effective into killing toe nail fungus and if so
please leave a link so i may research it! thx!

It would be very rare for someone your age to have had toenail fungus for such a long time. consequently, you should see your local dermatologist in order to get the right diagnosis. several diseases can cause the nail to become "dystrophic" (meaning really messed up), including psoriasis, lichen planus, eczema, 20 nail dystrophy, etc, as well as a fungus infection. You should have a culture done, and if that is negative, then a nail biopsy might be in order.

It does sound like you could have Psoriasis if this skin condition gets into the toe nail or any nail it will sort of turn a greeny yellowish look and the toe nail looks yellow as well, there is cream you can buy from a skin specialist, I would suggest seeing skin specialist, my daughter also has a yellow toe nail, due to people kept on treading on her feet, and this has turned her nail yellow and it is now falling off slowly, also crystal salts are great for infection, warm water and soaking……..take care

Soak your foot/toe in vinegar (it may throb) for as long/often as you can and when it's dry break a vitamin E softgel on it to coat it and let it soak in. Do this every day once or twice every day. the new nail bed will grow in healthy it will probably take 6 months. Apply vit E occasionally.

did the doc. tell you it was fungus, i thought fungus was black, i have had it. only thing that helped me was terbinafine which is a pill and it can take months, the ones that you put on top didn' do me any good. terbinafine is sold at walmart and is on their $4 list for a 30 day supply or $10 for 90 day supply


Australian Tea Tree Nail Solution
is the answer!!!

You ensure area of application is clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of nail solution morning and night. Continue application for two to three weeks after the area has improved.

Here is feedback from some users of the very same product!!!

"since using it as per instructions, my nails are looking smoother and healthier instead of dry and brittle. I shall continue to use from time to time as I have to wear nail varnish usually."

"Has worked brilliantly on my nail fungal infection, which previously was untreatable with the treatment the doctor prescribed to me."

"the only thing I have found which can control (improve slightly but not eradicate) a fungal infection on my little toe I have had for simply years"

" I had to stop using the prescription topical medication for a fungal nail infection before completing the treatment as it made the nail bed and surrounds became oozy and inflamed. As a result, about one-quarter of my big toe nail was still infected. Within two days of treatment by the Tea Tree Nail Solution my nail became a decent colour and the surrounds lost all their soreness. a week later it is almost normal. a brilliant product."

You can buy this on line with free delivery at http://www.trustwilliam.com/Skin-Care/Au…

It has a 1/3rd off at the moment AND if you manage to spend over £20 (which is easy to do) then use code 'sm20' at the checkout and get 20% discount too!!

I hope this helps.

i work for a DR that does the procedure , its def better than taking the pills since this has NO side effects at all if you feel anything it could be some warmness from the laser .the studies show its 88% successful . We've personally done over 600 patients and the majority come back happy. how it works is it kills the fungus underneath the nail bed and when you nail grows back it will grow back looking clear. It is expensive but just depends how bad you want it hope you find the right solution icon smile I want to get rid of my toe nail fungus!? ive seen it done on a 14 yr old before actually we work in sacramento ca but i know our Dr has trained drs out in ny to see the list of DRs you can go to patholase.com or google the laser for toe nail fungus it is expensive i warn u but i hope you cn get rid of it somehow icon smile I want to get rid of my toe nail fungus!?

I want to get rid of my toe nail fungus!?

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