I have toenail fungus under my toenail? help!?

1309791881 75 I have toenail fungus under my toenail? help!?

i've had this for a long time, and just started treating it about two weeks ago.
it's under my big toe. i started to think something was wrong when i would
sleep or lay down or do whatever, and press down with that toe to the ground.
it would hurt a little. my mom purchased an anti fungal cream from rite aid ( rite aid brand. )
and we apply it to the toe, and put it on top of the toenail and try our best to get it under.
i hate the feeling of having to push the cream under my toenail. dont know why.. xD
i try to remember to put it on as often as possible. oral treatment would be next,
but we dont want to jump to that right away. my mom even made
me soak my foot in vinegar two times before! i heard something about vicks
vapor rub working? basically, my questions are ( i know i drifted off… )

by putting the cream on top of my toenail treating the fungus underneath it?
does vicks really work on fungus?
are their any other ways to treat the toenail, and how should i apply the cream to ensure it's reaching the fungus under the nail?

not the best thing to have, but all answers will be appreciated!
thanks. (:

There are a lot of positive feed back on vicks as a good remedy for toenail fungus. It should reach the fungus underneath your nail, though it takes a very long time to have it fully cured. Rest assured if you continue to apply vicks or whatever remedy you are using it will be cured.

Another, more natural, option would be Nature made Fish Eye Oil. It smells terrible when you're using it, but you just put a few drops on your toe and it'll sortof soak in and get better

go to www.dioxi-products.com and order the newly available Nail-it. It eliminated my toe nail fungus in 4 weeks. It works with no side effects.. see the testimonial from Dr best MD.

Hey Jessica,

I know the feeling I dealt with a similar issue for a while and it was so embarrassing. the thing is that I didn't act on mine as quickly as you did so mines got worse really fast which made it harder for me to finally get rid of it which is possible so don't give up hope. icon smile I have toenail fungus under my toenail? help!?

Now the first thing that you need to understand is that if it is nail fungus that you are dealing with and it is causing debris to grow from underneath your toenail then all the soaking and cream being stuffed under your nail will not stop it from growing into a bigger problem.

The reason why is because it is more than likely too far beneath your nail for you to get to also nail fungus thrives in dark warm moist places so that is why the soaking will only make it worse. It will only kill the fungus on the surface and leave the root of the problem intact which means that it will like I said earlier only be getting stronger as we speak.

The best way to deal with a nail fungus infection is to use an herbal approach one reason is because it's very effective, easy to use which means that you shouldn't forget to do it because it wont take long to implement daily.

I have found that claripro which is an all natural herbal treatment and also what I have used to get rid of my toenail fungus problem works very good at doing what you want it to do and it works really fast.

If you are dealing with a toenail fungus infection and you really want to stop it from becoming a bigger problem or even worse spreading to other toenails (which is what mine did until I used Claripro then you will take this advise.

Good Luck with fixing your problem.

I have toenail fungus under my toenail? help!?

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