How to treat/cure toe-nail FUNGUS ??

1302995531 34 How to treat/cure toe nail FUNGUS ??

I have had toe-nail fungus for years. I treat it every day with usually vapor-rub , but feel it does not penetrate the fungus very well. any ideas????

hey. Not sure why you are using "vapor rub" on your feet. that is something I'd expect you'd rub on your chest for breathing problems…

If you are serious, I'd recommend tinactin. as I recall it comes in liquid or ointment. When I was more active (disabled now) I played ball and spent lots of time in the gym, that is what I used. I preferred the liquid; comes in a small plastic bottle. Cost about 5-7 bucks but was really worth it.

It worked great, and would work fast: several days to a week to clear up stuff.


Hie. first thing make sure to keep your feet and your toes dry.afterwards apply baking soda and when its dry apply some glycerine oil.see the resuts after a few days and if it persits see a could you stay with this for years??

How to treat/cure toe-nail FUNGUS ??

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