How to treat that toenail fungus?

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I noticed something under my nail and I tried to hit it good at the beginning stages to get rid of it. I was soaking my foot in a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and a mouthwash twice a day and using Vick's Vapo Rub for the remaining time (day and night). It has been about two weeks now and the area is black and I can see the improvement. I could guess that I have killed most of it like that, but I am not 100% sure. I also use Lysol spray in my shoes.
On the top of that I cut out most of the nail that was over it to keep hitting it directly and I am wondering what would be the best thing to put on it (not on the nail, but directly on the infected skin). would it be alcohol or some other thing. Something that would be best at killing it directly on the skin. Thanks.

the best thing id to go to a foot doctor about it, also make sure to dry very well after you shower, file your nail to keep it thin and get a antibacterial, and most of all BE PATIENT AND MAKE SURE TO TREAT IT EVERY DAY,

See a podiatrist.

Antibiotics will do NOTHING to help a fungal infection. What you need is an anti-fungal medication. there is one called Lamisil, which must be prescribed by a doctor. It's a long therapy…3-6 months but it will take care of the problem.


Tea tree oil can help, but you probably need Sporanox, lamisil, of diflucan, all of which are prescription and all of which require a test beforehand to make sure your liver is working right [otherwise toxicity problems].

Topical treatments have a pretty low success rate. Additionally, internal methods (pills or liquids ingested) have the potential of causing some pretty serious side effects and liver damage. We prefer the Pinpointe Laser system of treating toenail fungus in San Francisco, where the laser actually destroys the fungus under the nail in a single treatment. Check out for some more info.

How to treat that toenail fungus?

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