How to treat nail fungus on foot?

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i have tried everything even prescription

Nail fungus is a bacterial infection under the nail and therefore cannot be treated by topical solutions. Prescription drugs can help but it takes 1 year to work and can hurt your liver.

Try going on a detox diet and increases your water consumption.

Also ive heard from a aesthetician that soaking your feet (for the nails) in a foot bath of Listerine ( the yellow one ) everyday for 2 weeks straight for about an hour will soften the nail making it porous and then the antibacterial solution will get to the fungus and help to heal the new growing nail. The sooner in life you take care of this the better. this is something that is coming from your body and can come back if you don't treat it and maintain good foot hygiene.

If even prescriptions didn't work I believe there's likely a surgery that can be performed. I would guess it essentially amounts to the doctor removing the nail at the affected are and applying the medication directly to the are. Another option the doctor might have is to drill a small hole through the nail and apply the medication that way. I'm not a podiatrist so I can't say for sure but those would be the two methods I would guess they'd use since prescription drugs didn't work.

Make sure you have followed the doctor's directions in detail. Or you can ask your doctor if the drug he gave you was not enough.
plus, I know a popular book on nail fungus treatment
hope the information can give you some help

Vicks ointment. Rub your feet & nails with vicks. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks, & cures it for a high percentage of people.

How to treat nail fungus on foot?

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