How to treat nail fungus?

 How to treat nail fungus?

Try using an Anti-fungal Lacquer. you should use one that is oil based and can penetrate the nail plate to treat the fungus at the source in the matrix of the nail. I would recommend using PediMD Nail Treatment which comines the oldest FDA approved anti-fungal, Clotrimizole 1%, with many natural oils and extracts. It can take three to six months to regrow a new healthy nail, but you will see favorable results in as soon as two weeks.

There are also many home remedies out there that could help such as Vicks Vapo Rub, Listerine mouth wash, white vinegar and tea tree oil. the issue with using home remedies is that they generally only have a 10% success rate and can carry negative side effects.

The other two options are anti-fungal Lasers or Sporanox and Lamisil Anti fungal pills. Both of these treatments cost upward of 700$ and do not have much higher success rates than the Anti-fungal lacquers. the Laser a simple treatment conducted in a doctors office. the pills are usually a 5 week treatment that can have negative side effects on the liver.

In any case I would highly recommend that you do not wait to treat nail fungus. the fungus can spread from the nail to the skin, and from one infected nail to other fingers and toes.

Good Luck!

You should use cures like tea tree oil and oregano oil. however the real key on treating toenail fungus, is using the right cures and making sure that your nails remains clean and dry.

How to treat nail fungus?

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