How to get rid of fungus under the toe nail.?

 How to get rid of fungus under the toe nail.?

i've tried a host of over the counter medications and nothing seems to completely clear the nail.i'm a healthy person and do not belief lifestyle or diet has created the fungus.possibly the years of wearing boots in the marines and construction trades has been the culprit,now i'm looking for the solution.

It sounds like are having a tough time with your toenail fungus. Toe fungus thrives in warm areas with lots of moisture. in your case, you may want to try and get some socks that allow more air to flow through. there are also different types of powders that can help keep your feet dry.

As far as treating the fungus you currently have, there are numerous treatments. you can get over the counter cremes or have oral medications prescribed by your doctor that will clear it up. both can take quite a while to fully get rid of the fungus but you just have to be patient.

Here is a link to toe fungus treatment and how you can try to get rid of your toe fungus. good luck!…

Poor hygiene and sanitation especially on you feet could create or allow fungus to grow in your nails. Poor diet could also be a reason, for a low immune system on this could also be a factor. there area a lot of remedies on toenail fungus, have you tried using tea tree oil or soaking the infected area in vinegar?

I used a product called Claripro to get rid of my fungus, I am not sure if you have heard of it or used it yet but it works really well. I hope that it works as well for you as it did for me because I know how big of a pain nail fungus can be.


How to get rid of fungus under the toe nail.?

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