How to get complete cure from Nail Root Fungus ?

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Total remedy for nail root fungus

Talk to your doctor about a drug called Lamisil. It's a pill that you take once daily for nail fungus. you have to take it for 3 months in order for it to totally work, but it cures you of the fungus from the inside of your body where the infection lives and thrives. the topical products out there are only temporary, if they show any results at all.

I agree with crusador (above).

I have used Lamisil and it was successful. it gets down and destroys the icky nitty gritty.

Good luck!

Ayurveda has good medicines for it. the traditional indian medicine for nail root fungus is adding assofotedia to coconut oil and boiling and cooling and applying it on the nail creaves and this would cure the disease.

Application of 5-10% solution of Copper Sulpahate, saturated with diethyl ether, after morning bath and just before going to sleep in the night, can completely cure nail root fungus with 100 % success !! . I had been suffering from the problem with my right hand middle finger for the past 15 years. I got total relief in just one week by undergoing the above medication

How to get complete cure from Nail Root Fungus ?

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