How to cure nail fungus?

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Tea tree oil is said to work. it is effective against all forms of mold and fungus. I've been using it on mine now for about six weeks and it is having some sort of effect, just need to keep using it until the nail grows out.

You can get tea tree oil from a number of online sources, and it is a lot safer than these dangerous medications that can destroy your liver and such.

there are many ways to cure it…u can soak your nails in t-tree oil and water and apply vicks vapor rub and a band aid it will take about 2 weeks

I cured mine with apple cider vinegar; for real. I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years. I picked up toe fungus somewhere along the way… For the last 10 years, my left big toe has been AWFUL! I tried prescriptions, but nothing worked. it will take work and commitment on your part, but you can do it, and it's cheap.

(For toe fungus)…Get a large bottle (1/2 gallon should do it) of apple cider vinegar, medical tape, cotton balls, an old pair of shoes, socks, and nail files. Over a weekend is the best time to start. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, and tuck part of it under the nail, and part on top. Tape the saturated cotton ball to your toe. next, put on an old sock. Soak the sock with apple cider vinegar and a little water, and put it on. Then put on old shoes. Your foot should feel like you stepped in a puddle. Keep your foot moist for the weekend. this will soften and loosen the nail.

For the next week, EVERY DAY change out the cotton ball and tape. always soak the cotton ball and retape; make sure the saturated cotton ball is partially under the nail. put on your shoes. what you are doing is slowly, easily saturating the nail, and pulling it away from the nail bed. The vinegar kills the fungus and loosens the nail. in about 2 weeks of strong saturating, the nail will come off, pretty much painlessly, as I recall.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, once the nail is off, use that nail file religiously to smooth out the nail bed. all crumbly fungus must be totally removed from the nail bed (including the sides).

I promise, if you stick to it, you can do this! It's much safer on your liver than Lamiscil, and it REALLY WORKS; you must be committed for at least 30 straight days. Just make it a post-showering habit.

How to cure nail fungus?

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