How to cure fungus nail and acne?

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ok, im 14 and i hate my body, so i was wondering if any of u guys have tips for me how to cure these things first i have like a fungus finger nail(pinki) its not gross like the nasty pics everyone has seen and i cant seem to get rid of it and ive had it sence i was 8 i got it from a infection after smashing it in a mcdonals door.=( and ive tried quiet of few medicens nothing is helping it and my curent medicen ive been perscribed doesnt seem to help ether it is the clotrimazole topical solution.
– my next prolem is im a verry cleanly person and im a neat freak so it pisses me off to have acne ive tried lots of different acne stuff includeing all the comertial stuff pro active,clean and clear, ect nothing helps it makes it worse and last week i started to get backneeee ewwww and i was suposed to go on a swiming date fml. and i dont get how i get it i shower twice a day i scrub my back well im not greasy or anything. -lastly my bags under my eyes wont go away ether soo please help ohhh and to top it all off im a red head sooo ''i feel soo beautiful''(not) illl realy like to have some useful coments to help me feel like a normal person without all my issues

Hi Nick,
Nail fungus has to be treated immediately otherwise your nail will fall off from your finger completely. I had a severe nail fungus that happened after my finger hit a stone. My friend who is a dermatologist suggested me a solution which healed the nail fungus within a week.

Something you can try for your fungal nail – make a mixture of vinegar (just normal stuff) and water (half and half) in a bowl and stick your finger in it for 15 minutes and let it dry naturally afterwards. do this 2 times every day. My husband is doing this for a fungal toe nail and so far (3 weeks) he has seen a big improvement. do not expect instant results – it will take time.

Sorry, cannot help on the acne side but if you look through other questions asked about acne, I am sure you might find something helpful.

You can use make-up for the bags under your eyes.

Love your body a little and it might just love you back!!!

How to cure fungus nail and acne?

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