How to Cure a Toenail Infection With Vick’s Vapor Rub

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A nail fungus does not typically affect the skin on your feet. so please do not expect to cure it by purchasing athlete foot medication. Symptoms of a nail fungus contain thick, hardened nails, yellow or discolored toenails, soft nails, nails that come off, and foot pain while walking.

Nail Fungus Infection Reviews

To cure the infection, you should see your doctor. You can also purchase a nail fungus treatment from your local store to help treat it, but these products most likely will not be able to clear up the infection completely.

A home remedy that has great results is good ole Vick’s vapor rub. most of us have some in our treatment cabinets. Apply the vapor rub twice daily. Massage it into the infected nail and under the nail as well. the toenail will turn dark as it kills the infection and then a new, wholesome toenail will grow in. use nail clippers from time to time as the infected nail grows out. You may not want to start this process just yet if you have a extra event arrival up where you know your feet will be exposed.

To preclude nail fungus in the future, take the following measures:

o Apply an antifungal powder or spray to your feet dailyo turn cotton socks at least twice daily to keep the feet cleano Dry your feet well after a showero Avoid walking barefoot in public facilities, such as the gym, spa or pool

All of these methods will help to preclude what could otherwise be a very difficult infection to get rid of.

How to Cure a Toenail Infection with Vick’s Vapor Rub

Nail Fungus Infection

How to Cure a Toenail Infection With Vick’s Vapor Rub

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