How to cure a toe nail fungus?

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Okay, I have had a toe fungus since the end of 8th grade (I'm currently in 11th now). I ignored it in the past because it never seemed like a big deal to me, but I'm going to prom this year and want to be able to wear cute shoes like I never did in the past, so I want it gone. These past few days I used vicks vapor rub, and as of today, I'm feeling a light pain in my toe and it seems like the fungus is actually spreading more in my toe.
My mother will not let me get perscriptions from a doctor, because when I went to the doctor for a check up, she said that I could get medicine for it, but they would have to check my blood work every 2-4 weeks and the medicine can be expensive, so the doctor said to deal with it later.
So can somebody please tell me some good at-home treatments to cure a toe nail fungus?
Please and thank you! icon biggrin How to cure a toe nail fungus?

this might sound odd,
soak it in listerine! yes the mouthwash, for about 15 minutes every night.

hope this helps!

Try soaking your toes in a solution of vinegar mixed in water for half hour everyday..You should be fine in a few days. good luck

toe nail fungus is caused when you have injured your nail bed- usually from dropping something heavy on it,. and then the fungus sets in. it is a very hard thing to heal, and it takes a long time. you can get a prescription from the doctor, it is called Lamisil, and it comes in tablets or a spray that you spray on the toenail. the pills have to be taken for a year. like i said it is a very hard thing to get rid of because the fungus is underneath the nail and even the spray cannot often get at it. listerine is a non prescription alternative, but again, if the fungus is toward the base of the toe, the mouthwash will not get near it, and you will still need the pills. they do not have to do blood work every 2 to 4 weeks, they usually give you refills to last 6 months, and then you go back to see the doctor again.

OK, you can starve out the fungus by going on the yeast and sugar free diet for a few weeks.
That means no bread, pizza, cheese, milk, fruit, mushrooms, soy sauce, fermented foods/drinks, sugar, vinegar, mayo or pickles.
I read that this clears up toe nail fungus on the Internet.

Try tea tree oil. if for some reason you do contract the fungus there are a few simple remedies. the first and probably the most effective that I have found is tea tree oil. In the last few years tea tree oil has become extremely popular and is available in just about any health stores and now in many grocery stores. or try searching for homeopathic remedies products that will help you to overcome athletes foot naturally.

How to cure a toe nail fungus?

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