How the hell do u treat nail fungus?

1306501355 15 How the hell do u treat nail fungus?

cuz its ******* discusting and makes me want to vomit so i was wondering if anyone new of a way to treat toe fungus that actually works.thanx

It can only be cured by a certain prescribed pill from the doctor. The underlying cause of the fungus is in the nail bed itself. You really can't do much to permanently get rid of it with out the prescription.
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I have the same thing and all the ointments i have bought at the drug store did nothing.You'll have to go to the doctor and see if he or another doctor can get you on a treatment and i heard it takes 2 weeks to have it almost gone.I am going to my doc tomorrow as mine are thick cracked and sooo gross.

There are various treatments the one that works best is Prescription pills. Unfortunately they have bad side effects including Liver damage . There are topical creams but they dont work well ,You can try Lotrimon cream over the counter but u have to get it up under the nail where the infection is. The best bet is discuss it with your physician and weigh your options.

It depends on which stage the fungus is in. if you've tried topical treatments and they don't work, it might be time to move onto oral treatments or seeing a doctor for prescription treatments

How the hell do u treat nail fungus?

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