How do you treat toe-nail fungus infection?

 How do you treat toe nail fungus infection?

You can take a product called Lamisil, it's a prescription and you must get your liver tested regularly. But the best natural way is to use Tea Tree Oil. it is from the Tea Tree in Australia and is a natural antifungal and antiseptic. Dab a little on a Q-tip and put it under your nails twice a day. it may take a couple of weeks, but it will improve as the nail grows out. you can purchase it at any health food store or Trader Joe's if you have them where you live.

If it is serious then you can go to your doctor and get an RX but if not look for over the counter antifunals at your local drug store.

go to your doctor they will give you a prescription go to the pharmacy

Get some antifungal cream, and apply it nightly.

Buy over the counter cream at your local pharmacy

anti fungal drops seem to work better then the cream.

cut off your toes. that what i did.

How do you treat toe-nail fungus infection?

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