How do you get rid of nail fungus?

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I have this uncle that has fungus (as he claims it. I'm not sure) eating his fingernails from the tip to the inside. He said he doesn't feel any pain because the bacteria or fungus is hollowing out between his nail's layers (I guess it's lucky because it's not damaged the nail bed that causes pain). it doesn't have any other color to the nails like brown or black, but the eaten part looks white. any suggestions on how to cure this? I don't really like the idea of him immersing his fingers in diesel oil or kerosene anymore!

ask at the counter at a local pharmacy

In drugstores, they sell something like a polish that kills a lot of nail fungus. Your uncle's case, however, sounds sever enough that he should see a doctor about it. Pharmaceutical companies DO make treatments for this now. He should be able to get a prescription, no problem.

I have heard that putting Vicks on your nail everyday works but it takes a long time.

Or you could try this:…

If it is TRULY a nail fungus, then the only way to clear it up is with oral prescription medication. The topical medicines don't really work, although there are several on the market which claims to work. And, remember that other conditions, other than fungal infections, can cause a nail to look as you've described. so, the best course for him would be to see his dermatologist, have a nail culture done, and if positive, get on oral medicine.

How do you get rid of nail fungus?

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