How do you get rid of fungi nail for good?

1307300600 53 How do you get rid of fungi nail for good?

Hi i've got fungi nail on my 4 of toes and on 1 of my fingers, i've tried taking fungi tablets ,creams, tea tree oil, even fungi nail polish but none have worked, is there anything out there on the market that will get rid of this permanently, thankyou

It sounds like are having a tough time with your daughters toenail fungus. Toe fungus thrives in warm areas with lots of moisture. In your case, you may want to try and get some socks that allow more air to flow through. there are also different types of powders that can help keep your feet dry.

As far as treating the fungus she currently has, there are numerous treatments. you can get over the counter cremes or have oral medications prescribed by your doctor that will clear it up. both can take quite a while to fully get rid of the fungus but you just have to be patient.

Here is a link to toe fungus treatment and how you can try to get rid of your toe fungus. Good luck!

You need a prescription and if that doesn't clear it, you need to go back to the doctor again.

Nail fungus cannot be cured by topical applications because it doesn't start there. It starts where the nail starts which isn't visible from the outside.

After you've cured the fungus, don't do what caused you to get it in the first place.

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You will need to see a doctor and have them prescribe Lamisil. That is the only way to really get rid of it.

How do you get rid of fungi nail for good?

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