How do i stop nail fungus under my acyilic nails?

1305810263 21 How do i stop nail fungus under my acyilic nails?

Take the acrylic nails off and just go plain. The fungus thrives on the moisture of the fake nails and polish (it is being covered). You'll need to get some Fungus-Off liquid or other brands and apply that and just let your nails grow out.

Soak them in white vinegar for 15 minutes…two times a day. I know it smells…but it works..(vinegar retards fungal and bacterial growth and also allows the PH levels in the tissues to be restored) (get a gallon jug…pour in a platic container w/a lid to re-use)…. follow up with leaving a topical solution…straight – tea tree oil (bought at your local healthfood store for usually $10 a dram). You may want to ditch the acryllic nails for a while….they will only make the fungus issue worse. Nails loosen themselves from the nail bed if they are extremely infected. You may also go to your primary care physician for a lamasil RX ( they may have to do labs to ensure that you can take this RX) and it is taxing on your liver…It takes 12mo. for a healthy nail to restore itself. (Give up the nails for a while) I used to work for a podiatrist. These were prescribed remedies for fungal toe nails.

i usually get it when i have nails on over my nails after i take them off but what i use is this polish called fungus away it should be in a beauty supply just ask they will help you find it

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be very selective about where you have your nails done. nail fungus is probably happening b/c there's space btw your real nails & the tips (b/c of a poor nail job). taking them off is your only option. your real nails will be very fragile for a long time but in the end, it's the best thing for them.

Is it fungus or mold? There is a difference. Nail fungus will cause your nail to pull away from the nail bed and is kind of white in color. Mold is what you get when you have an artificial enhancement on your nail that is lifting and because of moisture between the product and the nail it has caused mold to grow.

If it is nail fungus, then you should see a doctor and get a prescription strength medication to take care of it. Nail fungus will spread if not treated.

If it is mold, then get those nails off! Once the mold is exposed to air it will die. It will take time for the color to fade and the nail to grow out, but the best thing is to remove the artificial nails. Do not put them back on until the mold is gone.

Make sure you go to a reputable nail technician and not those budget salons. You get what you pay for!

How do i stop nail fungus under my acyilic nails?

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