How do i get rid of nail fungus?

 How do i get rid of nail fungus?

It's on my two big toes. the nails are turning to a light brown color, and they are growing out deformed. i have removed the nails completely out but they keep growing back like that. what can i do to cure it?

I had the same problem as you for years. the problem with most treatments is that they don't get under the nail bed to treat the real problem. try Zeta Clear, this blog has a review of it and it worked really well for me.

Hope you get it sorted

Speak with a foot doctor can take a look and possible prescribe some medication to assist with getting rid of the infection.

wear shoes that don't put pressure on your toes

tineacide cream helps but it takes 2 to 3 months

How do i get rid of nail fungus?

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