How can I cure toe-nail fungus/fungi infection?

1303197856 28 How can I cure toe nail fungus/fungi infection?

hey there, my left and right big toes are infected with fungus. just the two big toes. they have been infected for quite long time (around 4 years).
They are a mix of dark yellow black. when they got infected I took very good care of my feet and the infection didnt go far. I tried every cream and spray but my toes have not come back to the healthy color. Is there any solution?

plz try this b4 going to spend money on doctor visits.
pour a half a bottle of 3 % peroxcidein your tub for any skin fungus,skin infection or boils. peroxcide is a cheap way to do alot of things and this one is well affective.

Lamisil. I saw a commercial with little green monsters in a big toe and they were destroyed by a lamisil pill.

Zetaclear Nail Fungus:

Make an appt with your Dr. they will most likely precribe Lamisil ( I think that's what it's called) for this. It really helped my hubby's toenails look better!!

How can I cure toe-nail fungus/fungi infection?

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