Home remedy for FOOT NAIL FUNGUS ?

1302894735 43 Home remedy for FOOT NAIL FUNGUS ?

I have yellow fungal nails on all 10 toes. I know the medicine to cure this is expensive and takes a long time to go into effect. anyone know of a proven home remedy ?

It takes months to clear this up. They have something at your local druggist. otherwise, soak you feet in white vinegar 3 times a day for months to clear it up.

Of course you have asked for Home Remedy? It may not be suitable to everyone. hence, Home Remedy should be undergone very cautiously. If you are saving the expenses then may not be wise at the cost of your health.
Why don't you consult an Ayurveda Doctor? Don't employ any remedy suggested by us on the net unless you consult a certified doctor or physician. or else you may jeopardise your health, lose your toes or something untoward may happen to your good toes.
I am suggesting Ayurveda because allopathic medicines have their side efects whether you want them or not.
Secondly, doctors do not easily reveal the side-effects of the medicines to the patients unless one insists on knowing them.

Home remedy for FOOT NAIL FUNGUS ?

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