Home remedies for toe fungus?

1303654004 42 Home remedies for toe fungus?

is it ok if i soak my feet in plain alcohol for 20 mins, will that get rid of the fungus?

1st i want to make sure its a fungus…so plz help me out….

the big toe is infected by what seems to be like fungus; however, its not a bad case (yet). the toe nail from the top is yellowish and very thin, plus the actual nail is detaching from the skin, and on top of all that, the whole nail it self is cracked…and when a new one grows in, a new crack follows it.

so whats the best thing to get rid of it? i've tried to soak my feet with vinegar, plus alcohol, and after that i use tea tree oil on top of the nail..

any suggestions?


thank you so much, and God bless you

Home remedies for toe fungus?

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