Have you been able to get rid of toe nail fungus without prescription medication?

1302745693 33 Have you been able to get rid of toe nail fungus without prescription medication?

It makes taking my shoes off at the beach an embarassment. what have you tried? How faithful were you in applying the remedy? what were your results? Since the prescription pill has a possible side effect of liver damage my physician does not think it wise for me and I agree. I have tried soaking my feet in a vinegar and water solution, but seemed to be quite a lot of bother and I was not very faithful and of course got no good results.

I have had an ongoing fungus for years. I recently delivered my daughter (naturally) & and according to my dr. bruised both big toes under the stress of pain. As a result of the nails falling off, I re-developed the fungus problem I had mostly fixed. I had been scanning Yahoo answers with the same question as you. I saw someone said Gentian Violet topical solution had worked for them. my daughter had thrush and used this med. to clear it up. Thrush is a type of yeast infection and toe fungus is a type of yeast too. I tried the med. on the big toes by just applying it to the nail. The fungus seems to be subsiding again. The stuff is purple and will stain everything! so be careful. You can remove it from skin with rubbing alcohol and immediately from clothes with that or hairspray (most clothes stains). You can get the Gentian Violet at any drug store. I never had luck with creams, tree tea oil or Lamisil. Also try to remove as much of the nail as possible to allow for new healthy nail re-growth that has always helped in the past & this time too. making any fungus is bothersome and tedious but if you want the problem to go away stick with it. I understand the feeling of embarrassment but it is a common problem. I’m trying to hurry and fix it before my daughter can talk and ask me what is wrong with my toe. That’s embarrassing! Summer is coming soon. good luck.

Here's a great source.

Tea Tree Oil or Clove Oil.. Apply twice a day to clean dry toe nails try to get as much as you can under toe nail on the nail bed…

Good Luck!

I finally went to my doctor (podiatrist) 3 weeks ago and he gave me some stuff called NailEsse made by BioEqual and distributed by EuroEssence. It's a topical solution, not a prescription, and he has it at his office for $50, plus the office visit cost. BUT it's working! It's a homeopathic remedy with plant oils in it. You put it on the affected area twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). and I'm telling you, it's not getting rid of what is already there, but the new nail that's growing out doesn't have fungus! my fingernail that had it is completely normal again! I can't wait for my appointment on March 2nd to show Dr. M. the good results. You can get more information at www.euroessence.com. good luck!

I've heard soaking them in hydrogen peroxide and then putting vasoline on them every day helps. what this does is:
-Hydrogen peroxide kills the fungus.
-Vasoline shields the nail from any other infections allowing the bad nail to grow out with healthy new nails.

As with any toenail treatment (over-the counter, homeade, or precription) it will take a few months before you really see any affects and could take up to a year before you're completely healed.

just like you I have tried all of the over-the-counter medication applications but none of them worked. I went to the doctor and took the liver test. After going through all of the testing, he prescribed me some sporonex (spelling could be wrong). It worked wonderfully. The good thing about it, I didn't get any side effects. my health didn't depreciate any and the majority of the fungus in my toes were gone.

I have heard that vicks vapor rub is great.

Have you been able to get rid of toe nail fungus without prescription medication?

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