Halloween Foot Fungus

1319953851 22 Halloween Foot FungusHappy Halloween, everybody! The big night is almost here. The streets will be full of little ghosts and goblins going door to door. Trick-or-treating delivers bags full of candy and memories that will last a lifetime – and for the parents who are tagging along, supervising the entire occasion, too – unless, of course, they have foot fungus.

What is Foot Fungus?

Add to the many terrifying creatures to be seen at Halloween: foot fungus! Foot fungus, also known as a toenail fungal infection or painful toenail fungus, is a ghastly growth underneath the toenails.

Here’s how it happens:

Microscopic spores, invisible to the naked eye, get lodged in your tender nail bed. That’s the space between your toenail and the flesh beneath it. There, the spores enjoy the warm, comfortable surroundings. they start to grow, becoming larger and more numerous until you have foot fungus. This infection can cause your toenails to change color. most often, your toenails will turn yellow, brown, or black – great if you’re trying that Zombie look this Halloween!Toenail fungus has a distinctive smell that rivals the most horrible Halloween horrors. Foot fungus can cause your toenails to change texture too. Sometimes toenails get thicker. Sometimes they crumble, split, and bleed.all of this makes Trick or Treating no fun at all – and everyday life is no picnic either! unlike Halloween monsters, and the accompanying candy-driven sugar rush and subsequent moody crash that follows, foot fungus isn’t going to just go away for a year or so. if you want your toenail fungus gone, you need to take action!

How to Treat Toenail Fungus?

here are lots of tales, myths, and legends about foot fungus. Home remedies involve vinegar and Listerine: neither has proven to be effective, but your feet will smell different afterward.Over the counter remedies for toenail fungus are sold in grocery and discount stores. do you want a scary Halloween story? those OTC topical treatments for toenail fungus have high prices, are difficult to use, and deliver disappointing results. following the directions means several messy applications of cream or lotion to your toes every day for more than a week. Who has time for that? those little ghouls and goblins keep us hopping, after all – even when it’s not Halloween.The fastest, best fungal nail treatment is the PinPointe Laser treatment. The Pinpointe NailLaser is a clinically proven, safe and painless way to treat foot fungus. The specially designed laser penetrates the surface of the toenail and begins eliminating fungus spores on contact. Your infection will be gone faster than you can say “Boo!”Say goodbye to your Zombie colored nails! Toenails that grow in after receiving laser treatment for foot fungus are healthy and pink. You’ll be able to wear open toed shoes once again – great news as the holiday season takes a turn for the more elegant and glamorous. for most people, results take a little more than a month. Improvement has been clinically proven to last up to a year.

Halloween Foot Fungus

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