Groomed and gorgeous

 Groomed and gorgeous

Pet care is a trend fast catching up with owners pampering their loved ones

Mikey, Daisy and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Bonita get their food, toys, haircuts, accessories, medicated products and medical check-ups done at a single place, Pets Forum. for the three Rottweilers and their owner, Nisha Purushotham, being and owning a pet just became a lot easier.

Tapping into the increasingly popular concept of offering everything in pets care under one roof, SKS Pets Forum has rolled into a single package all that doting owners and their four-legged companions might need.

Says M. Gourishankar, Administrator, Pets Forum, “this is much more than a pets’ clinic, for it offers not just medical assistance to pets, but also a wide range of products to choose from. over 700 international and local brands in food, prescribed diets, food supplements, shampoos, conditioners and accessories are available here.”

Already a trend in major cities, these dedicated shops bring both quality and quantity into the equation. to begin with, food products for dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots and guinea pigs also address a variety of dietary requirements.

“Segregated according to size, breed and medical condition, the products can attend to even issues like obesity, cardiac problems, sensitive skin and oral problems,” says Ram, who had brought his Dobermann puppy in for a vaccination.

Stocking a variety of accessories, Pets Forum has hair brushes, tick pluckers, nail clippers, training ropes, pet carriers (for travel), feeding bowls and pet beds; medicated shampoos and conditioners to cure bacterial and fungal infections; colourful collars and pendants, leashes and T-shirts for pets.

Mr. Gaurishankar says medical care and boarding for dogs and cats are also offered. “Equipped with four in-house veterinary doctors, a laboratory and an X-ray machine, we are capable of performing even complicated procedures. many official dog squads bring their dogs here for medical assistance,” he says.

Pets Forum can house four dogs and four cats at a time. according to Ms. Nisha, travelling is tougher for pets than for their owners. “their cleanly maintained kennels have given me the confidence to leave my children here the next time I travel,” she says.

Upping the indulgence quotient are the spa offerings at Pets Forum, which include haircuts, bathing, hair grooming and cleaning of ears, urinary tracts and genitals.

Barely three months since inception, the shop has had customers coming in from as far as Pudukottai, Mannarkudi, Karur, Tanjore and Manaparai.

More outlets in other major cities of Tamil Nadu are in the pipeline, according to Mr. Gaurishankar.

Pets and their owners can find Pets Forum at North East Extension, third Cross, Thillai Nagar, and reach them at 0431-4000788.

Groomed and gorgeous

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