General Things About the Four Types of Ringworm

 General Things About the Four Types of Ringworm

The contagious fungus infection called ringworm is caused by the tinea virus. Affected may be the scalp, the body, the feet or the nails. People may catch this infection from direct or indirect contact and even from a contact with the soil. Ringworm is not an infection that can not be treated. There are known many treatments that might help with fungus killing. in order to prevent ringworm people should make sure that infected persons and pets get appropriate treatment. It is recommended for healthy people not to get in contact with infected persons and especially not to share personal items.

Also called tinea after the virus that causes it, ringworm is a zit that appears on a person’s skin.

A group of fungus organisms called Dermatophytes is the one responsible for the development of ringworm. as it was written before Dermatophytes affect different parts of the human body causing different types of ringworm such as scalp ringworm, body ringworm, foot ringworm and nails ringworm. the funguses that cause ringworm are spread all over the world especially in humans. these funguses might live in animals and soil too.

People can develop ringworm after direct contacts, indirect contacts such as private items usage, and in rare cases after soil contact.

Starting as a small pimple, ringworm of the scalp becomes larger and larger leading to scaly patches of temporary baldness. the hair that is infected becomes fragile and usually breaks off.

Body ringworm starts as a round patch anywhere on the body, excepting the feet and scalp. the most common body ringworm is the groin area infection. the zit usually expands and its center clears forming a ring. in groin ringworm more than one patch may appear in the zone that becomes itchy.

Also called athlete’s foot, foot ringworm usually occurs between the toes.

Nail ringworm causes disintegrated or chalky nails.

Depending on the type of ringworm in some cases the infection may occur after 10 to 14 days or even in 4 days after contact. for scalp ringworm symptoms appear after more than 10 days, while skin ringworm symptoms usually occur in less than 10 days but sometimes 4 days are enough for the rash to appear.

Everybody might develop ringworm. many cases were seen in schools, day-care centers or nurseries. Athletes are usually at risk. along with athletes outbreaks have been seen among high school wrestling teams.

In cases when inappropriate treatment is used there is a risk of an infection that will never clear up.

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General Things About the Four Types of Ringworm

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