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It is important to first know what toenail fungus is before talking about toenail fungus home remedies. This disease is caused by fungi that develop on the nails. This results in the discoloration of the nails in particular of the big toe and the tiny toe. They become brown or yellow. This makes the nails brittle and eventually they might fall off.

Some of the causes of this health ailment include not being hygienic. By not taking care of your toes you increase the chances of developing the fungus. It is also caused by wearing shoes or even socks for a long period of time. your toes will not be receiving enough air and this is the ideal environment for fungus to spread.

You can also get the disease through sharing shoes or if you do not properly dry your feet after taking a bath. Sharing a swimming pool or shower used by someone with the infection also puts you at risk.

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that effectively removes toenail fungus. It helps to eliminate the disease. for a much better outcome you just apply a mixture of tea tree oil with thyme oil and extra virgin oil on your toes.

Another natural treatment is mouthwash. what you do here is you dip your feet in it and this basically destroys the fungus. It also cleans your toenails in the process. You can also make use of vinegar. for a period of 4 weeks you soak your feet in vinegar for 30 minutes every day.

Another natural treatment would be garlic. This is applied on the toenails meticulously until the infection is completely gone. You can also soak the affected toes in 3% hydrogen peroxide. a solution of apple cider vinegar and warm water has also proven to produce good results. You dip your feet in it for around twenty five minutes and this helps to eliminate the fungus as well as stop the growth of any other toenail ailments.

Bleach and warm water mixed together is also effective. the only side effect that comes with using this solution is that you might end up scrapping the skin that is around your nails as a result of its very strong acidic components. Soaking the feet in rubbing alcohol is another trusted natural home remedy. This is done twice daily for at least twenty minutes.

The ailment can also be cured by drinking chamomile or ginger tea. To get good results from toenail fungus home remedies you have to be thorough and precise in the way you use them. They are also available in many forms.

Marie is a foot health professional devoted to fungus in nails.

General Advices » A Number Of Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

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