Fungus under my toe nail?

1303234579 93 Fungus under my toe nail?

I have fungus under my toe nail or at least i think it is fungus, it looks like skin. its under all my toe nail except both of my big toes,
What is it?? and how do i get ride of it?? P.S: Today I started to use this lotion called Anti Fungal-Liquid it comes in a eye drop looking container and I drop some on my "Fungus" it says to use it day and night but I don't want to wast my time using it Is that's not what I need.

Depends, hard to say without seeing it. you can use the fungal stuff, or try tea tree oil to see if it helps. If it doesn't go away, you'll have to see your doc. Only he can tell you what is up with your toes.

When I had that problem I used Zeta Clear and it worked for me. this blog has a review of it. Might be worth checking out.

Yes the best thing to do is to contact a doctor you can tell you what is going on. you don't want to take any chances of it getting worse.

Fungus under my toe nail?

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