Fungus and athletes foot!?

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I think i have athletes foot and toe and fingernail fungus icon sad Fungus and athletes foot!?
Here are 2 pictures…
They are not the best ones but um thats a view on what i have.

Ok. so the first picture shows my right thumb..
Im thinking its fungus..
I dont really have a nail to it and its all bumpy and has white all over the nail that is still there.
it is very nasty looking and embarassing.
I really dont know what caused this and ive had it for about a year or 2 already and havent seen the doctor yet because im embarassed icon sad Fungus and athletes foot!?
Its so ugly and like the nail has like a hole in it and its jsut soo icky!
So does anyone have a specific treatement i could possibly buy or something?
My thumb is so rough and everything is bumpy and jsut gross.
Oh and how can i cure my athletes foot?
I get so itchy and liquid bubbles everywhere,flaky feet,i get cuts between my toes alot!
Please give me info!!!

You have nail fungus, the atheletes foot( or bad foot odor) is a result of your toenail fungus. Go to a doctor, a general practitioner, and just show him/her your nails, it's ok, a lot of people have this problem.

You will probably be prescribed Lamisil, or Diflucan. You have to fight the fungus from the inside out.

Fungus and athletes foot!?

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